Monday, October 19, 2015

Faking Orgasms: A Perspective from Feminist Theory and Phenomenology

In an article by Swedish scholar, Hildur Kalman, she explores the concept of "successful sexuality" and its relevance to the phenomenon of the faked orgaism. Kalman explores survey research from Nordic countries which examines the extent to which women fake orgasm and their stated reasons for doing so. The author raises new questions in regard to the faked orgasm which touch upon the role of the lived body and sexuality not only as an expression of love, or a way to gain pleasure, but also as a way to fit in, to be "normal" and to be "successful" at sexuality. The paper's analysis recommends a capacity to play as vital to moving beyond sex as a performative, instrumental activity and, instead, toward sexual expression as an end in itself, with or without orgasm.

The article is available full-text on-line at the interdisciplinary journal, Janus Head.

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